The jazz guitarist Johnny Smith remarked that the guitar is a musical instrument and not just something to scrape on. With this thought in mind I’ve been writing a few guitar instrumentals. Over time I’ll publish them on this website. My thanks to brother Richard for helping to edit some of these music scores.

Click on the titles for a link to the music and guitar tabs as pdf files.

“Bread On the Water” is a simple little waltz that I recorded as duet for guitar and Cuban tres on the album – There Goes The Shiner. Here is a version for solo guitar.

Bread On The Water – guitar music and tab

“Leaving Carrickfergus” is a little celtic song I wrote about my grand mother leaving Northern Ireland during the First World War to start a new life in New Zealand.

Leaving Carrickfergus – score and tab – Full Score

The first part of “Yesterday’s Star” started life as a song but it probably works better as an instrumental.

Yesterday’s Star – guitar music and tab

“Sue’s Blues” is a blues in the key of G. I originally wrote this for Sue to play on the piano. Here is the guitar version.

Sue’s Blues – guitar music and tab

“The Hedge Cutter’s Sonatina” is from my album – “There Goes The Shiner”

Hedge Cutters Sonatina – guitar music and tab

“Love You Longtime” is for those that like syncopated thumb picking.

Love You Longtime – guitar music and tab

Listen to the MIDI recordings of the scores on Soundcloud.